Hi, I'm Robert Malka.


About Me

I'm obsessed with distilling my life into lessons and moments worth sharing.

My life goal has taken me everywhere. I've co-founded a company that provides interpreting services for the Deaf in the US, Canada, and the Middle East; explored the US and Canada through 10,000 miles of train-riding to write a book on having Deaf parents (second book using my train experience forthcoming!); and emphasize joy and optimism on my Instagram. I also interpret rap songs into American Sign Language for kicks on YouTube! Check it out.

I'm a 2015 graduate of St. John's College, a liberal arts college where we read the Great Books of the western tradition. If you let me, I'll lecture about Nietzsche for hours. So don't be surprised at my free-form blog, Inorganic Thoughts, where I explore topics I find interesting.


Originally an essay, my experience is now a book! Mine is the true story of a boy who lived between two worlds, the Deaf and the Hearing, and whose youthful self stood against the marginalization of his Deaf mother by being a voice that others could hear. Yet interpreting for her -- empowering her to overcome that marginalization -- took my own voice away and left me desperate to develop my own.

A vividly detailed account of being another's voice at the cost of possessing your own, CODA is a Millennial coming-of-age story that asks fundamental questions about agency, empowerment, the limits of empathy, and how to become yourself in a world that won’t hear you and never heard the ones you loved.

Follow its path to publication by subscribing below! And click here to check out the Prologue. If you're an interested agent, publisher, or just curious, reach out to me!

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