I just like getting on podcasts with my friends

A Sly Roundabout Way: The Story of the First Bitcoin Diploma

The amazing story of the Bitcoin Diploma and how it got to where it got was run by My First Bitcoin and filmed and put together by IBEX. Grateful to both teams for their amazing work. Check out the moving backstory here. Official site for the documentary here. And, of course, My First Bitcoin website here.

2022 South Carolina Blockchain Conference: Bitcoin, Stablecoins, and Regulation -- Federal Policy Update 

I join friends Dennis Fassuliotis, Ron Hammond, and Dan Spuller alongside Congresswoman Nancy Mace to talk politics in the Bitcoin and Crypto space! Check it out here.

Bitcoin, Peace, and Music: Bitcoin, Suicide, and Recovery

This is an intense conversation about suicide, strategies to grapple with life and living, personal experiences with suicidal thoughts, and (of course) Bitcoin makes its way into our talk. Check it out here.

IBEX Podcast (Episode 36): How to educate US Policy Makers and Salvadorian School teenagers on Bitcoin

Bitcoin Rapid-Fire: Bitcoin, Culture, Nietzsche, and Insights from a Life of Sign Language Interpreting

Wake Up Podcast (Episode 74): Nietzsche and Nihilism

Wake Up Podcast (Episode 73): Handball is a Game for Prisoners (Part 1)

A conversation about Bitcoin education to legislators and students alike. Check it out here.

Wake Up Podcast (Episode 62): Nietzsche, Morality, and Artificial Intelligence