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Bitcoin vs Marx: Two Competing Geopolitical Theories

I consider the similarities and differences between Bitcoin and Marxism, and the futures they promise. I'm especially curious about the teleology each promises (although to be fair, Bitcoin's "teleology" is built in realtime by Bitcoin 'maximalists' rather than baked in the code

Check it out here.

Bitcoin Will Reinspire the Pursuit of Beauty

What might happen to culture as a result of Bitcoin? What can a lower time preference inspire? How can beauty once again become the nexus of our world?​ 

Check it out here.

Story As Self: What Story is for Nietzsche

What might be the basis of the temporal story linking a subject’s manifestations and transformations, if there is no stable core or substantial self “behind” or “before” our deeds, such that our selves lie within our deeds? I explore the question in The Agonist, a Nietzsche Journal.

Check it out here.

Beautiful Data From Reddit’s Am I The Asshole Subreddit (r/AITA)

I do a fun analysis of r/AITA and ​we get to see what Redditors consider to be genuine assholery. Also, a small aside on the limitations of Machine Learning.

Check it out here.

Translation of Ecclesiastes, Ch. 9 & 10

The first known attempt to translate (part of) Ecclesiastes into a poetic iambic pentameter, reflecting in part the Hebrew's musicality. Published in UC Berkeley's Undergraduate Journal of Classics.

Check it out here.

Bitcoin Diploma

Under the Creative Commons license, Mi Primer Bitcoin (My First Bitcoin) has created a ten-class Bitcoin Diploma (Diplomado) program, free to the world! Github Repo here, if you'd like to pull & improve it. ​Please feel free to use it to study Bitcoin, teach Bitcoin -- whatever! I've been very fortunate to help design and write the Diplomado -- all feedback and improvements appreciated.

Download the English version here.

Open Mind Control: A Review of Human Compatible

A friend and I review a thoughtful work on how to make AI benefit humanity, Human Compatible by professor Stuart Russell. We think through some implications of his thinking and suggest some further solutions.

Check it out here.

GPT-2’s Thoughts on Your Relationship

I modify GPT-2 to give advice on your relationship, and analyze some of its answers, along with my 2021-theory on why I believe GPT-2 falls short of being genuinely helpful (though GPT-3 and newer language models are far more effective at general conversation, and possibly also with advice). 

Check the piece out here.

I Can See You: On the Impact and Efficacy of Video Telephony as Understood by Interpreters for the Deaf

Did this poster under Georgetown University, presented it at the Eastern Psychological Association in 2015.

Check it out here.

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