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Story As Self: What Story is for Nietzsche

What might be the basis of the temporal story linking a subject’s manifestations and transformations, if there is no stable core or substantial self “behind” or “before” our deeds, such that our selves lie within our deeds? I explore the question in The Agonist, a Nietzsche Journal.

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Beautiful Data From Reddit’s Am I The Asshole Subreddit (r/AITA)

I do a fun analysis of r/AITA and ​we get to see what Redditors consider to be genuine assholery. Also, a small aside on the limitations of Machine Learning.

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Translation of Ecclesiastes, Ch. 9 & 10

The first known attempt to translate (part of) Ecclesiastes into a poetic iambic pentameter, reflecting in part the Hebrew's musicality. Published in UC Berkeley's Undergraduate Journal of Classics.

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GPT-2’s Thoughts on Your Relationship

I modify GPT-2 to give advice on your relationship, and analyze some of its answers, along with my 2021-theory on why I believe GPT-2 falls short of being genuinely helpful (though GPT-3 and newer language models are far more effective at general conversation, and possibly also with advice). 

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I Can See You: On the Impact and Efficacy of Video Telephony as Understood by Interpreters for the Deaf

Did this poster under Georgetown University, presented it at the Eastern Psychological Association in 2015.

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